Tommy Castro

It’s one thing to hear a band on the radio. It’s quite another to hear them live. And I mean really HEAR them ... to feel the music inside your heart and head.
I had only heard Tommy Castro on the radio ... never live. The night of their show at Sam’s Burger Joint, I sat in front of the stage and watched as they ran through their sound check. When they were done, the bass player had a big smile on his face as he walked past me and asked, “Did you bring your ear plugs?” Was that a challenge I just heard? I was ready.

Keith Crossan

Tony Stead and Keith Crossan

Byron Cage

The audience filled up Sam’s from the back, as if we were in church. The hearty fans (or the uninitiated like me) were up front, ready to worship at the blues church of Tommy Castro.
Can I get an amen?
So yeah, it was a loud show, but not enough to make me move my seat. It doesn’t scare me when I can actually feel the bass inside my skin. It’s kinda cool, actually.
Tom Poole

Scot Sutherland

Tommy, rockin' it out

Tony Stead, Tom Poole and Tommy Castro

But it’s not just a matter of volume. Tommy delivers his music with an intensity bigger than the rooms he plays in.  And he clearly loves what he’s doing, making sure his fans get more than they paid for.

Bass player Scot Sutherland had some badass shoes!

Keith Crossan, Tom Poole and Scot Sutherland

Tommy went out into the audience for some up close and personal time with his fans

Tony Stead, Tommy Castro and Keith Crossan

Everyone on board for the cruise!

Something that I absolutely need to do one day soon is go on a Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise. Tommy is a regular performer, and the cruise features such artists as Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Taj Mahal, Ana Popovic, North Mississippi All-Stars and more. The cruise in January is sold out, but there’s quite a line-up for the one next fall. 
You know, I need a really good gift for my double-nickel birthday next year ...
Amen to that!


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