Jimmy Spacek plays a Strat custom-made by his friend Larry the guitar tech at Century Music. Yup, those
are Johnny Winter's and Jimmie Vaughan's signatures.

Surprisingly, my ears aren’t ringing from last night’s show at Sam’s Burger Joint and Music Hall. If there had been an earthquake, I would have missed it.

There were times last night when I felt like the guy in that Maxell tapes ad from the ‘70s…you know, the black and white photo of a guy sitting in front of a stereo speaker…his hair, tie, lampshade and martini glass flying back from the force of the sound.

Last night’s show with Jimmy Spacek and Bob Charles was nothing short of amazing. As several people said so eloquently last night, don’t ever tell me that San Antonio doesn’t have badass local musicians!

Guitar master Bob Charles opened the show with a new band backing him up – Ruben Hernandez on drums, Andy Walker on bass and RB Blackstone on keyboards.

I’ve seen Bob countless times since the first time I heard him on the same stage back in December 2010. Here is a man who has spent years honing his craft and the end result is magic. My reaction then was the same as it was last night: “Holy crap, that guy can play!”

Check out Bob Charles' music at his Facebook page but don't let the mellow sounds of the featured CD fool you.
Bob tore up the stage last night! His next release will be more along the lines of blues rock. 

Bob Charles and Andy Walker

Bob Charles and Ruben Hernandez

Ruben Hernandez

I’m not a musician so I don’t know all the lingo, but I do know what I like. Bob’s the real deal – he can write, sing and play. He’s not good. He’s GREAT.

And then to follow all that awesomeness with Jimmy Spacek was the proverbial icing on the cake. Jimmy was backed up by Steve “T-Bone” Bland on drums and “Big Mike” McLean on bass.

Among many local musicians, Jimmy is known as the godfather of San Antonio blues. It’s not a title he’s comfortable with; he waves such accolades away and immediately changes the subject…usually to another musician that he feels deserves the praise instead.

Jimmy Spacek

Jimmy Spacek

"Big Mike" McLean

Jimmy Spacek and RB Blackstone

Steve "T-Bone" Bland

The proud San Antonio Southsider has been playing guitar since his days at Highlands High School, back when he worshipped the likes of Hendrix and Cream, along with local heroes Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers.

I’ve known Jimmy since 1994, and have always enjoyed bringing new fans to his shows. People who know him from work or somewhere else outside the music world know him as “that nice guy with the long hair.” They may have heard he plays guitar and after a little bit of encouragement, agree to go to one of his shows.

Once they’re at the show and Jimmy gets on stage, I just sit back and look for their reactions. I imagine that if there wasn’t such a wall of sound, you might hear the dropping of jaws simultaneously hitting the table in amazement.

I love when that happens.

Bob Charles and Jimmy Spacek close the show with a jam -- an amazing night of music
by two amazing local artists! Many thanks to the San Antonio Blues Society
for co-sponsoring the show with Sam's Burger Joint and Music Hall!


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