One of the remaining trailers at Rolling Home Trailer Courts.

I recently made my second trip to the Rolling Home Trailer Courts south of downtown San Antonio.

They’ve made some progress in the month since my last visit but I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked shooting photos. I had the place to myself and had all the time in the world, but ironically, that was the problem.

I had the place to myself.

It’s kind of funny how I pick and choose the things I’m brave about. I will never set foot in a cave. The thought of hang gliding/parasailing/parachuting paralyzes me. If I even dare to watch a horror movie, I’ll watch most of it peeking between my fingers because my hands are covering my face.

Good advice.

So many of my friends are amazed that I would venture into an abandoned trailer park. Alone.

The last time I was there, the couple overseeing the sale of the property was with me. I felt completely safe. I did make a mental note that the next time I visited, I’d bring along my monopod just in case any stray dogs showed up. At least I’d have something to defend myself with.

All things considered, I didn’t feel I needed an escort for my second visit. I had permission to be there and I thought the foreman overseeing the cleanup would be on site.

But the foreman wasn’t there and I didn’t want to lose good light so I started shooting. I was in my zone and really enjoying myself when I heard a noise. In one of the supposedly abandoned trailers. Not a little critter kind of noise. More like “I’m in here and I want you to know it” kind of noise.

The trailer where I heard "the noise."

Much to my credit, I didn’t run away screaming, even though my heart was beating a mile a minute. I backed away from the trailer and starting shooting in other areas of the park. My senses were now on hyperdrive and I made sure I was completely aware of my surroundings.

But it was never the same after that. I had the definite feeling I was being watched. Not in a malicious kind of way, but all the same, it was creeping me out.

I made sure I stayed within sight of Roosevelt Avenue and didn’t go to the back of the property so I know I missed out on some good shots.

I was so focused on my surroundings I couldn’t really concentrate on my photography, so I shot less than half the photos I took on my first trip.

And that monopod for protection? Yup, I forgot that.

Rule No. 1 for Visit No. 3 – make a checklist.

I found a knife...

...and a spoon, but no fork.

A few items, including a "Notice to Quit and Vacate," remain hanging in what was once the park office.

I didn't read the calendar entries until I uploaded my photos, and when I read the notes for Dec. 22,
they made me smile and teary at the same time: "JAY HITS LOTTO! NEVER TO BE SEEN


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