Wendy Colonna at Luna Fine Music Club Sept. 14, 2013

Wendy Colonna connects with her fans.


At her CD release show at Luna Fine Music Club Sept. 14, she wore a midnight blue lace dress and cowboy boots. After the show, I went up to congratulate her on a superb performance and give her a hug.

You must first understand Wendy doesn’t skimp on hugs. So it wasn’t one of those fake, lean over and air kiss kind of hugs … it was a big ol’ Texas hug.


The trouble started when I went to pull away … and I couldn’t. You see, the hook on the back of my earring had gotten itself intertwined in the lace on Wendy’s dress.

Well … this is awkward.

But Wendy being Wendy, she took it all in stride, and we laughed as I carefully extricated myself without tearing her dress or causing bodily injury.

Whew …

The minor mishap aside, the evening was absolutely marvelous. It was the first time Wendy played the songs from “Nectar” with a full band, and also the first time this particular group of musicians played together. You wouldn’t know it from the sound of it – you would have thought they had been playing together for years.

I had received Nectar in the mail just a few days earlier, and had already listened to it enough to have some favorites. I really like “The Water’s Fine,” a tribute to Barton Springs, mainly because Wendy plays the ukulele on it. It’s sweet and uplifting, without being sappy.

And Luna is the perfect venue for musicians like Wendy. With its Mad Men-like vibes, the club on San Pedro offers an intimate setting with low lights, cozy booths, an awesome bar, cool artwork by Robert Tatum, and of course – first-class music.

I’ve been singing Wendy’s praises since I first saw her at Luna in June 2011. It feels like I’ve known her much longer, and I guess that’s because I had heard her music on KSYM 90.1 for quite some time.

Check out her music at her website. You can hear a track from Nectar titled “Dirty Things,” and also download one of her older songs, “Shine.”

But to truly experience Wendy’s magic, you must see her in person. You may not experience the literal connection I did, but she will reach out and touch your heart.


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