Back in June I saw Wendy Colonna perform live for the first time. It couldn’t have been more than a few bars into her first song when I became hooked, and when she sang “Hurricane” I was surely a fan for life.
I finally got to see Wendy again last weekend. She and her band were invited to perform at Eberle Park at Randolph Air Force Base. The weather was absolutely perfect, and you could bring your own chairs, food and drinks. With Wendy singing, could life be any more perfect?
I really don’t think so.

Some artists sing with passion. Some just perform. 
Some artists pour their lives into their songs. Some just write lyrics.
And some artists connect with their fans, while others can’t be bothered.

If you’re expecting someone who’s aloof or  a diva, look elsewhere. Wendy is real. She has the passion, she tells the stories and there is a bond between her and her audience. In my first blog post on her, I wrote that the way she sang “Louisiana” made me wish I was from the Bayou State, too. That's saying a lot for this Missouri girl. When someone can draw that kind of emotion out of you, you know they’re good.
Special guest Ephraim Owens, ranked as "Best Horn" in Austin by the
Austin Chronicle.

Wendy will be back in San Antonio at Luna on San Pedro on Saturday, Nov. 19. She’ll be there with her new seven-piece band. If you’re craving some feel-good music, do yourself a favor and go. Luna’s the perfect, intimate setting to see her perform.
And get hooked.


CoV said…
Thanks for the insight on this one. I'll be downloading her album later tonight.

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