Ian Moore

Considering they hadn’t played together in 15 years, the Ian Moore Band sounded amazingly good Thursday night at Sam’s Burger Joint. If you weren’t there, just close your eyes and imagine the same bluesy rockin’ sound, only with much shorter hair.
From the crowd’s reaction and interaction with the band, I don’t think they even noticed the hair thing too much. It was cool watching people singing along, pumping their fists into the air, random dancers in their own worlds, couples sharing secret smiles during certain lyrics.
Michael Villegas, Bukka Allen, Ian Moore and Chris White

In between songs, Ian kept the audience entertained with stories, such as filming the music video “Harlem,” directed by Ice Cube. In the video, keyboard player Bukka Allen was behind the wheel of the red Cadillac convertible cruising through Harlem. “Bukka was asleep the whole time they filmed that!”
“Harlem” is attached for your viewing pleasure. You be the judge about Bukka.
Bukka Allen

The fans certainly got their money’s worth, with the band playing 90-plus minutes and then coming back for a two-song encore. And after the show, Ian and his bandmates stayed and talked with their admirers, signing autographs, posing for photos, until 1 a.m.
Michael Villegas

As the evening came to a close, I overheard a fellow member of the San Antonio Blues Society telling Ian, “Someone asked me if that was your son playing in the band.” Immediately everyone looked at bass player Chris White and the group burst into laughter.
Watching them walk away, I really had to wonder. Could 15 years really have passed?
Ian Moore
Ian Moore


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