From left are Greg Wilson, Steve Butts, Dan Bechdolt, Roger Blevins Sr. and Roger Blevins Jr. Partially obscured on drums is Chip Vayenas, and not shown is Mikel Urdy.

Now the truth can be told. I was a Mingo Fishtrap virgin. 

Up until a week ago, I had never seen the group live. I'd certainly heard of them -- a name like that tends to sticks with you.

But on July 16 at Sam's Burger Joint, I finally got to check off the Mingo Fishtrap box on my list of "Bands I must see." However, now they've been added to another list of mine -- "Bands I must see again."

Steve Betts scans the crowd while Dan Bechdolt beckons the audience to move forward.

Bandleader Roger Blevins Jr., on vocals and guitar, leads the eight-man group that has a style all its own. Part soul, part R&B, part jazz and part funk…but all good. They have fun when they play and that adds to the party atmosphere. Mingo Fishtrap feeds off the energy of the crowd, and the crowd is more than happy to fuel the band. 

Roger Blevins Jr. (in foreground) and Sr. on bass

Mikel Urdy
Dane Farnsworth

You really feel like family when you're around these guys, so it's not surprising to know that Blevins' dad, Roger Sr., is the group's bassist. Mingo Fishtrap began in the mid-1990s when six of the members were attending the University of North Texas. Besides Blevins Jr. and Sr., the band is comprised of:

Dane Farnsworth -- vocals, organ and keyboards
Chip Vayenas -- vocals, drums
Mikel Urdy -- percussion
Steve Butts -- trumpet
Dan Bechdolt -- alto and tenor saxophone
Greg Wilson -- bari saxophone

Check them out at the House of Blues in Dallas playing "Leap of Faith." It won't take a leap of faith to fall in love with their music. C'mon...aren't you tired of being a Mingo Fishtrap virgin?

(NOTE: The video doesn't feature present-day keyboardist Dane Farnsworth.)

Chip Vayenas

Roger Blevins Jr.


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